Are you doing the best parenting job you can? Do you know what to do instead of what you have always done? Do you find yourself yelling and shouting when that is not who you want to be? Do you sometimes wonder: “Was I too harsh?” “Did I do the right thing when I spanked Aremu?” “Am I being too easy on my children?” or “What on earth am I going to do now!”

Parenting is one of the universal joys of the world and one sure means by which the world keeps going round.

It’s no gain saying that parenting is also the only job you run 24hrs a day, all days a week- everyone expects you to succeed and no one really gives you much for a latch.

Some parents use the style of parenting that their parents used when they were young. They say, “I turned out just fine, so why shouldn’t I treat my child the way my parents treated me?” The missing link is- our world is different and society is different from the way it was two and half decades ago! Haven experienced being parented is therefore no sure guarantee or qualification to being a successful parent.

If it’s possible to program children for failure, it’s equally possible (and preferable) for us to program them for success.

This blog will give you the help and support you need to start a successful parenting journey. Here, you will be connecting with family experts to direct you on all of the important successful parenting steps and strategies.

So what expectation do you have or are preparing for your child’s future? Can you quickly journal them? Your expectation will determine your preparation and to a large extent, your interaction with and possible life outcome of your child.

What are you saying to your child? “You do excellently in the football team, well done! I’ll need you to show about the same interest and effort in your mathematics” “It was really kind of you when you shared with your sister”, “You made me proud when you remembered to say thank you to the lady that sold you the ice cream” “You just never listen, you must be truly deaf”, “Am I going to break your head and put your books inside?”, “Big for nothing! You can’t even share with your younger ones!”…really?! Hmm…

It is your responsibility as a parent to free your child from playing negative roles. This is an important factor because a child’s success in life is strongly determined by how he views himself.

Does your child see himself as a learner? As being loveable and capable? Indeed, each day brings new experiences that have the potential for either building or destroying your child’s self-concept.

Look for opportunities to show your child positive and encouraging pictures of himself. If you have a child who is doing something you don’t like and you get real upset about it on a regular basis, be sure enough she’ll repeat it for you! Yes, children repeat what we focus on- if you focus on the positive, they are motivated to do more, if you focus on the negative, same rule applies!

So you got to watch that tongue and temper around the kids… it’s a matter of choice!

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