This edition will conclude the ten point agenda to get your kids to tell you more.

Rule #7: Make a point of being the initiator.

Children have a very short attention span. When they want something, often, they want it right away. If for any reason, you tell them to come back later for that item they desire, say, your child comes to ask you to read her a book, you are genuinely busy and ask her to remind you later. She goes off to play and has totally forgotten about the book you were to read to her later. Out of the blue, follow up on a previous subject of interest before your child comes to you. This reinforces for your child that you care and also brings you into your child’s circle.

Rule #8: Take time to share.

A busy parent is not always the best parent. Drop everything and do something spontaneous like doing homework in the park, playing scrabble together etc.

Rule #9: Apologize when you are wrong.

If you say something or do something you probably shouldn’t have, say you are sorry. Admit that you too are human and make mistakes. This clearly exemplifies to your child what to do when he is in a similar situation.

Rule #10: Love Them!

Don’t just love them…tell them you love them. Show them affection just as you did when they were small. A wise man was once seen kissing his grandsons. An onlooker exclaimed- you do that?! I have ten sons and I have never kissed them! The wise man said, “If hardness is put in your heart, how may I help you?”

Bake a cake for no occasion, play a game, take a walk after dinner. Show your love by showing them there is no better time spent than with them.


2 Thoughts to “Get your Child To Tell you More (3)”

  1. Rotimi Akapo

    A trully relevant guide for fathers and mothers; though it’s easier said than done,
    my piece if advice is take on one at a time, practise it so iften that it becomes a part of you!
    Parenting is an awesome MUST DO task for EVERY parent.

  2. Suruurah Ogunfemi

    That is very apt Rotimi 🙂

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