I was at an event a few days ago. There was this 3-year old looking cutie- Princess as she was called- who took over a seat that wasn’t hers. When the owner of the seat- Ifeoma came, our 3-year old cutie refused to get off the seat. In other not to cause a scene, Ifeoma got another chair and requested Princess to shift hers a bit- understandably so that she too, may be seated close enough to her family. Fair request, isn’t it? But guess what? Princess wouldn’t hear of it! All attempts, appeal and persuasions by mummy Princess so her daughter (boss) would stop the embarrassing show of selfishness  and ‘behave’  yielded her a few ‘blows’ from Princess. What did our 21st Century mom do?! She shooed over Princesses’ ‘naughty’ behavior and appealed to Ifeoma to get her chair fixed at another space.

Parenting is a tough job. It can be exhausting- from offering a picky eater five alternatives every meal, to having to comply with the kids’ self-chosen bedtime every night which in any case, has to be when they drop on the sofa right across the TV in the living room- to making your teen understand that your ideas about her choices is all because you mean well for her!

Most parents know when they are in a bad pattern–they just don’t know how to fix it. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be! The Family Coach makes life easier.

Coaching is an emerging family science field that is quickly becoming a research-based method for helping families become more successful. Family coaching promotes healthy and positive families so they can enjoy improved communication, self-confidence, courage and compassion. The Family coach can help you co-create a road map of solutions based on your desired outcomes on family challenges- ranging from discipline, behavior modification, tantrums, temperament challenges, communication, decision making and just about every of the challenges most families have to deal with in the growing up years.

The Big Dream is to create a world where children and young people are happy, resilient, productive, awake and alert to their own strengths, full potential, love and compassion. A world where young people and their parents and families are in unison for a common expression for good… where your hectic, stressed, guilt-inducing ways of life  become more nurturing and healthy experiences for you and your family… where we have no more violence, greed and misery. It is possible. Our mission is to serve parents and their families. We are changing the world…one family at a time!

Through the attainment of self-awareness and higher consciousness, we foster personal responsibility. We teach you to find all of your hidden strengths and potential to be able to create unbelievable and fast-working results tuned to your specific need. We focus on life skills, critical thinking, day to day life decisions, communication, listening etc.

Our solution focused methodologies diminish low self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, sexual misconduct, violence, drug and alcohol use, and the effects of these tragedies…by strengthening the parent and child/teen relationship with our revolutionary coaching approach.

Our integrated family approach creates young adults who can in turn make positive decisions, create a meaningful life of contribution and compassion, set and achieve goals, understand their own natural talents and put them to use, learn how to create solutions for everyday life challenges, discern from their core values and become self-accountable and responsible.

We start with the end in mind and work backwards to get to where peace and communication and co-operation is the outcome. This works!

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