Pls advise our fellow member, No insults pls, just advice. Thank you.

Dear Coach Yinka,

I am a 37yrs old mother of 3 (two boys and 1 girl, aged 9, 7 & 5 respectively), I have a loving family and a budding career. My nephew whom I have adopted since birth lives with me and helps to take care of my kids whilst am at work in the short duration between after school hours and when I return from work. This has being going on smoothly for years until we relocated to a new area where we built our own home, 3 neighbors has called me at different intervals to tell me what goes on beyond my back when I am at work, and No, my nephew isn’t molesting my kids but something more weird, these neighbors have told me that, my nephew is a confirmed

Homosexual….. He brings home different boys to my house everyday and ensures they leave just before I return, he was even beaten by an angry mob twice in the neighborhood due to his gay activities.

Arrghhh, I have felt various degrees of emotions like anger, pain, hurt, regret,etc since this revelation has being made known to me, I now don’t know what matured step to take because my husband must not hear this.

A. Should I seek help for him through a professional therapist while still housing him? Or

B. Should I send him out of my house in order to stop the negative influence that he has exposed my kids to?

Pls Help

Worried mum!!