Is this terribly wrong? Or simply overreaction from my spouse?


Dear Guided Beginnings fam,

My husband is an exemplary and responsible father who doesn’t hesitate to go to any legal length to make his family happy, however, behind all his good intentions and action, I have the feeling that he overreacts and act old school-ish on some certain issues.

Here is why I claim so. everytime, i dress up in front of our toddler son, he always criticize me for doing that saying its an extremely bad parenting habit.

Our son is just a year and a half old, and I see no reason why its bad for a mother to dress up in front of a toddler son.

Is he overreacting? Or I am simply wrong? Pls intervene and advise thank you!

One Thought to “Terribly wrong? Or simply overreaction?”

  1. Bolatito Adigun Lawal

    You’re simply wrong ma’am, kindly excuse yourself or the little boy whenever you need to dress or undress. The dad isn’t being ol’school, he’s a man, a one time boy, he knows what it feels like to see ladies undress in front of them, he understands better. You may think your kid is still little but he has feelings to, it may not grow towards you but he’ld want to see what lies beneath every lady he comes across’s cloth….

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