The school calls at 1pm to tell Mrs Junaid that her 10yr old son Adam, got into a fight with a boy named Lam at break time. At 3:30pm, Adam comes home. Mom starts the conversation:

“How was your day?”

“Good. You made me my favourite samosas for break time. Thank you, mom!”

“Speaking about breaktime, how did it go?”

“Fine. We played some football.”

“Did anything unusual happen?”


“Are you sure?”

“Nothing mom.”

Now, mom is getting reeeeally furious! Her facial muscles are tightening and she’s beginning to have an emotional escalation…

“Hmm…. Think about it very well o…”

“Nothing mom”

“Ok, listen young man. You 👉🏻are lying to me! I got a call from the school today and Mr Smith told me you got into a fight with…etc..etc…”

In this conversation, observe 5⃣ points. Mom:

▶ Corned Adam.

▶ she gave him 3 opportunities to practice lying.

▶ She perhaps thinks: sooner or later, this “silly ass” will realise he can’t-fool me and give up lying!

▶ Sure, her intention is to get some information from him. But first, mom wants to test Adam to see if he’ll tell the truth.

▶ In this circumstance, sometimes kids will give up- but many children will continue trying to take the easy way out- lying to avoid blame. They will simply work to become better liars and you will be helping them with their practice sessions

when your child lies to you often, you want to check: how am I responding to his inappropriate behaviour?

I know that as you are reading this and you are thinking about the challenging behaviour of your own child and your reaction to it, you’d agree that it’s not entirely your fault! No one has coached you otherwise!

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