Parents First

Mrs IB and I car pooled. She was a teacher in my older children’s school while her children attended the same school with my younger children. So when she dropped her children to join mine on the ride to school, she picked my older ones since they schooled in the school where she was a teacher.

Being a teacher, she had to resume early. That added extra pressure on getting mine ready on time. On some days, we just wouldn’t meet up because my eldest daughter would choose the ‘slow-motion’ mode. On such days I’d have to do the two school runs.

One day, I decided to borrow myself brain. I had a conversation with my older children- If Mrs IB came and they weren’t ready, it meant no school for that day as going forward, I was unwilling to do two school runs.

A few days soon after, my daughter defaulted.

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow to see how we resolved it

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