Corona Virus: The Virus bearing message

It’s been several decades ago the world experienced a pandemic. Amidst the trending Corona virus pandemic, there are indeed great lessons. Surely the virus came bearing the good, the bad and the ugly!

Now worldwide, parents are compelled to be at home with their children. No outside or alternative schedule than that of the core responsibility- parenting. A lot of gists have trended on social media asking for teachers wages to shoot up higher- for the obvious reasons- they spend such huge hours with our children day in day out and yet, haven’t gone nuts. Rather, they have been able to support the home in shaping the lives of the youngsters for the better (hopefully).

So in the days to come of necessary house arrest, what are the intrinsic values to pay attention to?

For me, the virus has come to reinforce that man, irrespective of our enviable achievements, are a mere nothing in the hands of the Creator. With all man has been able to achieve to make life on planet earth (and even beyond) more advanced- a mere virus- a minute and invisible with the naked eyes creation- has thrown the whole wide, wild world into forced submission. The virus has come a leveler across status, age, country of residence or origin you name the divide! It has come to show us that at our core, as long as we have the same genetic makeup that classifies us as human, not one cell makeup is superior to the other!

If you are a parent and still do not see the need to lay the foundation in the belief in a Superior Being to your child/ren- this perhaps is a place to start from. With all the advancement in technology; with all the world super powers, the past three months on planet earth has been one of frenzy. It is only the One Who Created and is in Himself not created that can grant man the wisdom and knowledge to navigate out of the turbulence we find ourselves and we beseech Him for His Protection, Help and Support.

Make Spirituality a vital pillar with which you raise your children.

A lot of families are big on religiousity- we tend to keep the focus on dogmas and rules- don’t miss the service on Sunday or Jumat on Fridays. Whereas spirituality focuses on the soul that dwells within each of us- makes us conscious, intentional and deliberate in living our lives in accordance to the grand objective of religion everyday of our lives to all of humanity irrespective of creed, ethnicity age or other barriers that divide us. Religion focuses on the outside- the physical commitment; spirituality focuses on the within- the intentional commitment.

Teach your child the Mightiness of the Creator. His Unique Qualities and Abilities. His Mercy, Grace, Wisdom, Favor, Knowledge, Kindness and Firmness and Justice. Lay the foundation for every child in your home in the path of the Lord. It’s never too late to start. For indeed, as we can see- nothing is guaranteed- not even the next second. The difference between life and death is just one breath!

All what we strive for day in day out can all disappear in the twinkle of an eye! Shift attention therefore from the material things which will finish to the more lasting values like compassion, kindness, empathy, generousity and quality time especially towards these little beings who God brought to this earth through you. You are just a medium and you didn’t get to choose who you’d get. It’s all in accordance with His Grand Scheme of Event. So be humble.

There is definitely more to life than getting great grades, getting admission, graduating, getting a job, earning a salary and dying. Help your child to find the real purpose behind his or her creation. Help her understand her why- the mission God has sent him or her here to achieve. Do not be satisfied with the norm. Help your child to discover her talents, interests and gift and grant her opportunities to hone them as these can be vehicles to fulfill her unique purpose. So it’s never just about making a living and paying bills- but understanding our whys. What is the reason behind our every action and inaction? If we can define ours, it will be no brainer to help our child(ren) do same.

A lot of parents are satisfied with making a living that they have forgotten their purpose. We are being driven by money, position, fame and the desire to be accepted by others that we have abandoned our god-given purpose. Don’t make your child a part of that statistics.

Indeed, it’s better to be dead than to be alive and not know why. Knowing our whys give our what meaning and significance as it is a fatal loss to quit this earth without knowing much less fulfilling our purpose and potentialities.

So talking on purpose- we have our general purpose and that which is unique to each of us.

“And I have not created jinn and Mankind except that they should worship me (Quran 51:56)

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

Obviously, our general purpose of creation is to serve and worship God. Keeping from He has forbidden and acting in line with what he has permitted. In both the Quran and Bible for instance, flesh of swine is prohibited. Usury is prohibited in both books too. What do we have today?? Pork openly served and eaten and banks thriving largely on interests (usury).

Relationship with God (spirituality) is key. There’s a vacuum in all our lives that only God can fill.  He created us to worship Him. If we live our lives in a way that is counter of God’s dictate- then we are not fulfilling purpose. How can we teach our children what we do not have?

Our lives cannot be just to create wealth- corona virus has left people with so much wealth and the same time, illness that only wealth cannot overcome.

I pray for all our safety world over and continuous Grace on the scientist working day and night to cure our world of this menace. Do not let it go without taking the valuable lessons from it. Have fun as you spend quality time with your children all thanks to COVID-19!

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