At Guided Beginnings, we have a strong desire to educate young minds and help bring more focus and personal success into their everyday life so they can blossom into well-rounded, responsible and successful adults who pay attention to their life.

We offer personal, family and school support programs; Life Skills for Children and Young Adults, Parenting Seminars and workshops, Personal Development Training Workshops as well as Continuous Professional Development opportunities which incorporate the best, up-to-date practices for Education Professionals all with a goal to provide a guided, sound, robust and balanced beginning that will set the stage for the future achievements of our precious sprouts.

We partner with schools to provide in-house training with series of hands-on workshops and seminars for foundation year teachers as the foundation years are the most vital years on which further works depend. We’d love to work with you, so feel free to contact us to be your friend on the journey……………because we care!

What We Do

DiscoveryVille is our Character, Leadership and Personal Development Series for Young Adults. We have a huge impact on the children in our lives and it’s our goal to use our influence to create confidence, success, positivity, and happiness in the lives of these young people.

Parents First empowers you with amazingly simple and practical strategies to get kids to stop doing what you don’t want them to do and get them to start doing what you want them to do thereby turning your hectic, stressed, guilt-inducing ways of life into more nurturing, healthy experiences for yourselves and your families. Our goal is to increase your JOYS and SATISFACTIONS of being a parent in today’s world. We sit with you to work through the distressing everyday issues that nearly all families must deal with.

The time to begin the journey on becoming the best version of you is NOW! House of Rubies is our self-discovery and self-actualization series for women. We aim at getting us turbo-charged to quit the status-quo and unleash our full potentials.