The Power of a Positive Attitude

The Power of A Positive Attitude: My Adventurous Journey to Reading

Several years back, precisely 2008, my friends and I were on a trip to the UK. We actually went for a workshop on “Every Child Matters” at the Thames Valley University, Reading. Over the weekend of the training, we decided to go see a common friend in Birmingham. We passed two nights at our friend’s…

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The Guided Teenagers through Decision Making

Ajoke’s Story: Guiding Teenagers through Decision Making

Ajoke applied into the University of Ibadan to study medicine. Her friend, Rose, applied into the same institution but for economics. Having finished from the same secondary school, they were both excited and looked forward to continuing their friendship at the university. As soon as the date of the Post-UTME exams was communicated, Mr Ben,…

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My Home Support Staff Story

Train Now: My Home Support Staff Recruitment Story

  I have been running series of interviews lately for a home support staff. With my accumulating work load and schedule and with children in a boarding school, I needed some sort of assistance. My agent finally called me last week Friday for a seemingly qualified candidate. As we chatted, I asked a few questions…

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Praising Your Child Has A Negative Side

“Good girl!” “You got 10/10! That’s my smart boy!” “I love your picture!’ “Good job” “You are awesome!” You’re the best! These comments sound positive but they’re simply external praise, external judgement. What ends up happening is the child being praised continues to perform the behaviour because it pleases the adult. I’m sure you’re quite…

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