How to Handle Children Rivaling

Are your child Rivaling? Guidelines on how to handle it

“I have the F seat” “No, I do!” “You don’t, I do!” “Ok, I got here first” “It doesn’t matter, check your boarding pass, you’ll see it’s my name” “No!” I came in behind the girls and quietly slipped into my seat… despite the uncomfortable prying eyes of the gentleman on the aisle seat next…

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Child Abuse

When is Enough Really Enough? [A Child Abuse Story + Guide on how to prevent it]

Chelsea’s video is tough, real heart-wrenching and spirit-dampening. Since its release on December 7, it has gone viral and the last time I checked, it had hit over 300,000 views. The story of Chelsea is that of a strong mother. A mum who chose justice over sentiments, courage over silence and healing over hurt. It…

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