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DiscoveryVille is our Leadership and Personal Development Series for the Young Adults, we have a huge impact on the children in our lives and it’s our goal to use our influence to create confidence, success, positivity and happiness in the lives of our young people.

as educators and coaches, we empower our young adults to love themselves, believe in their strengths and reach for the sky by enhancing their confidence and sharpening their leadership skills, helping them navigate through obstacles and challenges and come out on the other end STRONGER, more CONFIDENT and more AWARE of their unique skills and abilities.

We do not want our young people to experience ‘wasted’ years like most adults. We therefor create a solid foundation for their success and happiness in both their academic and social lives.

We believe that all children are gifted and that our role is to activate each child’s gift to enable them to reach their full potential full potential and live a happy life.

DiscoveryVille EMPOWERS young people to be their best! DiscoveryVille gives young people WINGS TO FLY!

Our Deliverables:

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Motivation to reach goals
  • A great sense of accomplishment
  • Better relationships with parents, siblings and friends
  • A better understanding of themselves and their feelings
  • Useful techniques for managing emotions and life challenges
  • A sense of peace and calmness
  • Inner strength
  • Powerful habits that will help them be positive, passionate and successful
  • A cheerleader to support them and keep them moving forward toward success

Our Modules:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Youth Leadership
  3. Academic Success
  4. ICTpreneurship
  5. Games ……..& Loads more!

At DiscoveryVille, we are helping young young people live with purpose and realize their peak performance by teaching personal responsibility while making the learning engaging, empowering and fun.

Our promise?

We will get you into that all powerful productive mode that just stands you out…..You don’t want to miss out!