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Our Education Consult arm GB EduConsult, is dedicated to its vision of uplifting the standard and quality of  education that children receive in Nigeria through a comprehensive skill empowerment of teachers.

Our goal is to provide continuous professional development opportunities which incorporate the best, up-to-date practices for education professionals with the overall aim of enhancing the competitiveness of learners in facing the challenges of today’s world in general and their personal achievement in particular.

We partner with schools to provide capacity building and in-house training with a series of hands-on workshops and seminars for educators.We believe foundation years are the most vital years upon which the success of more advanced years depends.

Available Modules:

  • Key performance implementation strategies for schools.
  • Peak performance for Educators
  • Inspiring and Empowering Young Adults.
  • Setting up the leaning environment.
  • Mathematics strategy that works for pupils
  • Effective reading and writing skills (The letters and sounds program).
  • Classrooms/Behavioral management.
  • Lesson Planning
  • Creative writing
  • Creative displays in and out of the classroom
  • Early childhood development and curriculum.
  • Comprehensive infant and toddler curriculum
  • Montessori method of learning

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