The Power of a Positive Attitude

The Power of A Positive Attitude: My Adventurous Journey to Reading

Several years back, precisely 2008, my friends and I were on a trip to the UK. We actually went for a workshop on “Every Child Matters” at the Thames Valley University, Reading. Over the weekend of the training, we decided to go see a common friend in Birmingham. We passed two nights at our friend’s…

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How to Handle Children Rivaling

Are your child Rivaling? Guidelines on how to handle it

“I have the F seat” “No, I do!” “You don’t, I do!” “Ok, I got here first” “It doesn’t matter, check your boarding pass, you’ll see it’s my name” “No!” I came in behind the girls and quietly slipped into my seat… despite the uncomfortable prying eyes of the gentleman on the aisle seat next…

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